Wk5 – Artist Conversation – Kimiko Miyoshi!!!!

Hey everyone. This week’s artist is Kimiko Miyoshi! She is 27 years old, Japanese, and a graduate majoring in printmaking. She wishes to teach and is actually teaching a small class here on campus. Kimiko’s art being displayed is “Reminiscing Remnants: Survival List For The Scary World”. I talked a bit with Kimiko and to my understanding, she wanted to emphasize the importance of sharing and empathizing with one another. Right when I entered the gallery, Kimiko was already pouring homemade tea for her visitors which I thought was extremely kind and generous of her. She mentioned that like the water marks created from the condensation of the tea, we as humans leave behind remnants of our past selves. Everything we do has some affect and we need to be caring of each other. She also believes that art and life shouldn’t be separate. She wants to live in a world where art and life are considered one. I think Kimiko’s art and philosophy is amazing. She brings up many good points that I have never thought about too much. It does make sense that we should be more empathetic and sympathetic to each other. I learned a lot about what it means to share and be kind to one another. Awesome experience! Thanks Kimiko!


Wk5 – Classmate Conversation – Chatting with Devin Nelson!

Hey everyone! For this week’s conversation, I met an awesome person this week named Devin! Devin is currently in his Junior year planning a career in managing supply chain operations and is from Cypress, CA. In his free time, Devin loves to not only play lacrosse and soccer but is an official for young high school teams! He is also interning and knows a good amount about sports and marketing in general. Devin used to work for Cabo Chips, a company praised on it delicious healthy tortilla chips! When Devin is not exercising and eating delicious food, he is traveling the world. He has been to 35 of the 50 states and countries like Canada, Mexico, and Greece! Simply amazing. Me and Devin share in common the belief of being open minded. Devin appreciates hearing what others have to say and doesn’t discount different perspectives on life. It was cool meeting Devin and you guys should go have a chat with him! Link is in the tags!

Wk5 – Activity – Ethnography

Hey everyone! This week’s activity was to spend a night without any electronics. This activity proved to be difficult. All of my house has some form of light or electronic implemented. Brittany and I stayed in my dark room with a scented candle lit. It was interesting but we were so tempted to put on a movie or check our phones. Eventually, we ended up falling asleep because we were bored. Video games and movies are our lives so we didn’t have too much to do for those hours. After we woke up, we cracked and turned on everything because it sucked living a primitive life in a modern world. Nevertheless, this activity showed me how reliant we are on technology. It is next to impossible to live in modern society without using some form of electronic. Is that bad? I honestly don’t think it is. We are currently living in the golden age of technology. Why shouldn’t we use it?

Wk4 – Activity – Painting

Hey visitors! This week’s activity was spray painting in bubble letters! I did not know how to draw in bubble letters that well so it took some trial and error. I thought this activity was interesting because it allowed me to work with spray paint, which I have never used before. I went to the 99 cent store to grab wallpaper and styrofoam for the canvas. Then I set it on a table and got to work. The lime green and sky blue really meshed well together. I messed up a couple times because I couldn’t quite get the letters right.The letters on the canvas is my nickname, JT. No one ever calls me this except my family. The reason they call me JT is because they thought Jonathan was too long. Somehow, the name eventually stuck. I’m actually glad it did because I like the initials and Jonathan feels to formal at times. All in all, this week’s activity was fun and I’m glad I did it!

Wk 3- Classmate Conversation- Meeting Nicholas Ramirez!

This week at the SOA gallery I got to meet and have a chat with Nicholas Ramirez! Nick is currently a 4th year and is majoring in Kinesiology, specifically fitness. He lives in Whittier, CA, which is around half an hour commute to CSULB. Nick explained to me that his hobby and life is working out. He likes to do lots of home exercises and would like to go to the school gym if it wasn’t so packed(it’s extremely packed during certain parts of the day). On his off days of not working out, he likes to watch shows like Game of Thrones(I need to watch this show already!) On views of art, Nicholas likes to draw in his free time and enjoys creating art. On the other hand, I do not really enjoy creating art and would rather watch others. I appreciate the amount of effort artists put into their work and the message they convey to a wide audience. It was very interesting meeting Nick and I hope to meet other classmates in the future!!!

Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – Chatting with Kyle Kruse!!!

Hi guys! This week I got to meet Kyle Kruse at the SOA building today! He displayed his work of art “one who sees”. I talked a little with Kyle and he stated that he was inspired by 14th century France and their works on printmaking. His display demonstrated a clash of identity and relationship between ‘the viewer’ and ‘the actor’. ‘The viewer’ walks outside the circle watching the event and can choose to show himself between the spaces of fabric. Once you walk into the circle, you become apart of the art itself and in sense ‘the actor’. In essence, Kyle wants to create tension by treading the relationship between being a viewer or an actor. I personally thought that this idea was creative. I felt exactly what he was describing. On the outside of the circle, I kept wanting to look in on the action and was curious. Once I stepped inside the circle, I felt different in that I couldn’t see everything around me. I was submersed into the art itself. Kyle’s “one who sees’ is unique and I haven’t experienced anything like it before. Thanks Kyle and the SOA gallery for the experience!!!

Wk 3- Activity- Instagram Day!!!

Hey everyone! This week we had Instagram day and I thought it was an awesome idea. I felt like I was able to see into the lives of hundreds of my other classmates. I saw a very similar connection in the lives of others compared to mine. A good amount of students posted stuff about the art gallery. However, the ones who posted other things were similar to stuff I would find on my typical news feed which is great. I felt this weeks activity created a class community. It allowed each other to have a peek into each others lives and find people who shared the same interest as you. Overall, this was a fantastic activity!