Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – Chatting with Kyle Kruse!!!

Hi guys! This week I got to meet Kyle Kruse at the SOA building today! He displayed his work of art “one who sees”. I talked a little with Kyle and he stated that he was inspired by 14th century France and their works on printmaking. His display demonstrated a clash of identity and relationship between ‘the viewer’ and ‘the actor’. ‘The viewer’ walks outside the circle watching the event and can choose to show himself between the spaces of fabric. Once you walk into the circle, you become apart of the art itself and in sense ‘the actor’. In essence, Kyle wants to create tension by treading the relationship between being a viewer or an actor. I personally thought that this idea was creative. I felt exactly what he was describing. On the outside of the circle, I kept wanting to look in on the action and was curious. Once I stepped inside the circle, I felt different in that I couldn’t see everything around me. I was submersed into the art itself. Kyle’s “one who sees’ is unique and I haven’t experienced anything like it before. Thanks Kyle and the SOA gallery for the experience!!!


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