Wk 3- Classmate Conversation- Meeting Nicholas Ramirez!

This week at the SOA gallery I got to meet and have a chat with Nicholas Ramirez! Nick is currently a 4th year and is majoring in Kinesiology, specifically fitness. He lives in Whittier, CA, which is around half an hour commute to CSULB. Nick explained to me that his hobby and life is working out. He likes to do lots of home exercises and would like to go to the school gym if it wasn’t so packed(it’s extremely packed during certain parts of the day). On his off days of not working out, he likes to watch shows like Game of Thrones(I need to watch this show already!) On views of art, Nicholas likes to draw in his free time and enjoys creating art. On the other hand, I do not really enjoy creating art and would rather watch others. I appreciate the amount of effort artists put into their work and the message they convey to a wide audience. It was very interesting meeting Nick and I hope to meet other classmates in the future!!!


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