Wk5 – Activity – Ethnography

Hey everyone! This week’s activity was to spend a night without any electronics. This activity proved to be difficult. All of my house has some form of light or electronic implemented. Brittany and I stayed in my dark room with a scented candle lit. It was interesting but we were so tempted to put on a movie or check our phones. Eventually, we ended up falling asleep because we were bored. Video games and movies are our lives so we didn’t have too much to do for those hours. After we woke up, we cracked and turned on everything because it sucked living a primitive life in a modern world. Nevertheless, this activity showed me how reliant we are on technology. It is next to impossible to live in modern society without using some form of electronic. Is that bad? I honestly don’t think it is. We are currently living in the golden age of technology. Why shouldn’t we use it?


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