Wk5 – Artist Conversation – Kimiko Miyoshi!!!!

Hey everyone. This week’s artist is Kimiko Miyoshi! She is 27 years old, Japanese, and a graduate majoring in printmaking. She wishes to teach and is actually teaching a small class here on campus. Kimiko’s art being displayed is “Reminiscing Remnants: Survival List For The Scary World”. I talked a bit with Kimiko and to my understanding, she wanted to emphasize the importance of sharing and empathizing with one another. Right when I entered the gallery, Kimiko was already pouring homemade tea for her visitors which I thought was extremely kind and generous of her. She mentioned that like the water marks created from the condensation of the tea, we as humans leave behind remnants of our past selves. Everything we do has some affect and we need to be caring of each other. She also believes that art and life shouldn’t be separate. She wants to live in a world where art and life are considered one. I think Kimiko’s art and philosophy is amazing. She brings up many good points that I have never thought about too much. It does make sense that we should be more empathetic and sympathetic to each other. I learned a lot about what it means to share and be kind to one another. Awesome experience! Thanks Kimiko!


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