Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation – Mark Flores

For this week, I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Flores! Mark is originally from East LA but has since moved to Newport Beach. He is 20 years old and is currently a sophomore here at CSULB. He plans to major in Criminal Justice and he hopes to one day become a law enforcement officer in his city. If that doesn’t work out for him, he wishes to hit the books and become a lawyer. When he isn’t hitting the books, he’s hitting people!!! One of Mark’s hobbies is boxing! He has been practicing for 7 months now and wants to compete! Mark also enjoys video games, surfing, and generally having fun at the beach. If you want to know more about law or boxing, check him out here!


Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Rhiannon Aarons

This week at the galleries, I had delight in meeting Rhiannon Aarons! Rhiannon currently has a Masters in Arts and Printmaking! She first started off as a digital designer but soon moved into printmaking and hands on art. This is her first gallery at CSULB and she was quite excited to show off her art! The gallery is called, ‘Ex Libris’!

The series of serpents seem like they were drawn with graphite and marker. Rhiannon explains that it was actually a mix of graphite and digital edits. The lines of the art look bold and have a sense of leading geometry. Rhiannon also uses hints of shading in her art to express the anatomy of the serpents.

The series of serpents is supposed to be a representation of the mythology behind the female human anatomy. She explains that there has been misleading concepts of what the female anatomy should look like. The serpents were created from the concept of the biblical serpent from the Garden of Eden based upon the female gender rather than neutral. Ultimately, Rhiannon is trying to display the female anatomy rendered by hands in the literal sense without any subjective understanding of current lived female experience.

Rhiannon’s work caught my eye because of the many details put into her art. I wanted to know more about what the art represented. When she told me that it was based upon female anatomy in history, I was shocked but at the same time intrigued. She explained that it was based on the serpent from the Garden of Eden and I started to understand her ideas more clearly. I thought that her ideas and concepts were interesting and overall it was a pleasurable experience to learn about this part of anatomical history. If you want to know more about her, check out her website here!

Wk7 – Activity – Snapchat


I had a lot of fun with this week’s activity! I have never used Snapchat before so this was a new experience for me. It was a little similar to Instagram but you can add text and draw on your pics which is pretty cool. It’s interesting because doing this assignment opened up another form of social media for me and now I’m checking snaps on the regular. Thanks Art110!


This was fellow classmate Chris Schumaier’s snaps at the gallery! On the left, he drew a pretty decent sketch of a sculpture and on the right he drew a person swinging! I like the color and I thought the guy swinging was pretty funny.

Wk7 – Classmate Conversation – Miguel Lopez

This week at the galleries I was able to meet Miguel Lopez! He is currently in his 2nd year and is planning to major in Mechanical Engineering. When he isn’t learning the design behind a machine, he is playing soccer. Miguel has had a growing passion for soccer growing up and loves playing in recreational games.

Miguel has recently picked up playing the accordion. I think this is insanely cool. Playing the accordion is not very common and is actually pretty expensive to start. He decided one day that he’s going to invest in playing the accordion and learned the basics on YouTube.

If Miguel has to die his hair a crazy color, he said it would be blueish black. He has always wanted to do it and thinks it would look fun in the sun! It was a pleasure meeting Miguel and if you want tips on playing soccer or the accordion, check him out here!

Wk7 – Artist Conversation – Jane Margarette Weibel

This week, I had a very pleasant experience meeting the amazing Jane Weibel. She presented her show at the Gatov-West gallery titled ‘The Extraordinarily Difficult and Impossible Tasks of: Recounting Fading and Altered Memories and Stabilizing Shifting Time”.

As soon as the gallery opened, my attention was immediately fixed upon the various amounts of childhood memorabilia. It was filled with swing sets, little clothing, a even a 2D house! The works of art are primarily ceramics with emphasis on clay. Walking around the gallery was interesting as you felt a sense of immersion. It was as if you were actually walking through each of Jane’s different memories. The brightness of not only the room but the vivid colors Jane use help to emphasize the highlights of each individual memory.

Jane was inspired to create this art show when she found old photos of her sledding in the snow with her mother. She was intrigued when she heard that our brains can alter or rewrite how we remember our memories each time we think of them. She became anxious because she’s built her whole life around these memories and it would be extremely dreadful to find that what you are remembering isn’t what actually happened.

I absolutely loved Jane’s ideas on the fading and shifting of memories because it is something I have never extensively thought about. It’s pretty scary to think that we aren’t possibly remembering some of our memories correctly. We shape ourselves based on past experiences. Our childhood memories make us into what we are today. I, similar to Jane, hope that all my memories are really what occurred all those years ago.

It was really awesome and a pleasure meeting Jane this week! If you want to see more of her work, head over to her Instagram page here!

Wk6 – Activity – Identity Art(Periscope)

Hello peeps! This week’s activity was different but in a cool way. I had never live streamed or broadcasted before until now. The experience was a little unnerving. It makes me nervous to see myself on screen because I’m self conscious. However, the experience was also a bit exciting and it was cool just chatting about myself and what I’m doing. I decided to live stream me and my typical night. I had some watermelon as a snack and killed a cricket on stream! I also watched a few others on Periscope including Bree Olson! She is so awesome and entertaining! I also got hooked watching this random guy fixing his car in front of his house and this woman who was eating sushi lol. I can clearly see how people can just get intertwined and hooked on this app.

Wk6 – Artist Conversation – Alice Andreini!

Hi guys! This week at the SOA Galleries I was fortunate enough to meet Alice Andreini! She was located at the Gatov-East gallery along with Laura Lopez and Sery Kwon for their art presentation ‘Site Lines’. Alice seeks to ‘explore the relationships between visual, kinesthetic, and narrative experiences within the context of the garden.

Alice’s three art pieces used a water based medium called gouache and oil on canvas. It allows the artist to paint in layers of light and dark. Gouache has a similar feeling to oil. The medium Alice uses allows her to create layers and create space overlapping one another. The color in Alice’s paintings are outstanding. She uses almost every color from red and orange to blue and purple.

In her paintings, Alice wants to relate and contrast the ideas of space and various visuals through the use of a garden and army men. She was inspired by her mother who was a gardener. Her mother used to find little army men when she was digging around the garden! So, Alice found that the concept of these army men in the garden were a comforting fit towards her ideas of space in art. The army men acted as parallel of both the destruction of the garden but also protection for it. Alice believes a garden needs time, money, safety, and a home to flourish. Art is essentially similar.

I felt I could relate to the concepts and ideas Alice was trying to convey in her work. Specifically, she expressed the importance of the qualities needed to make a garden flourish. I believe that this applies to not only art, but life. A lot of things in life require time. We are all on a pursuit for a place to call home. I believe that Alice expresses that in her paintings extremely well. I think the soldiers are actually protecting the garden(their home) rather than being destructive. I also feel that there is a sense of time in her paintings as if the soldiers have been fighting an extended war in the garden and time has passed as they are awaiting their enemy.