Wk6 – Artist Conversation – Alice Andreini!

Hi guys! This week at the SOA Galleries I was fortunate enough to meet Alice Andreini! She was located at the Gatov-East gallery along with Laura Lopez and Sery Kwon for their art presentation ‘Site Lines’. Alice seeks to ‘explore the relationships between visual, kinesthetic, and narrative experiences within the context of the garden.

Alice’s three art pieces used a water based medium called gouache and oil on canvas. It allows the artist to paint in layers of light and dark. Gouache has a similar feeling to oil. The medium Alice uses allows her to create layers and create space overlapping one another. The color in Alice’s paintings are outstanding. She uses almost every color from red and orange to blue and purple.

In her paintings, Alice wants to relate and contrast the ideas of space and various visuals through the use of a garden and army men. She was inspired by her mother who was a gardener. Her mother used to find little army men when she was digging around the garden! So, Alice found that the concept of these army men in the garden were a comforting fit towards her ideas of space in art. The army men acted as parallel of both the destruction of the garden but also protection for it. Alice believes a garden needs time, money, safety, and a home to flourish. Art is essentially similar.

I felt I could relate to the concepts and ideas Alice was trying to convey in her work. Specifically, she expressed the importance of the qualities needed to make a garden flourish. I believe that this applies to not only art, but life. A lot of things in life require time. We are all on a pursuit for a place to call home. I believe that Alice expresses that in her paintings extremely well. I think the soldiers are actually protecting the garden(their home) rather than being destructive. I also feel that there is a sense of time in her paintings as if the soldiers have been fighting an extended war in the garden and time has passed as they are awaiting their enemy.


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