Wk6 – Classmate Conversation – Angel Meza!

This week at the galleries, I had the pleasure of meeting Angel Meza! He is currently planning on majoring in business management. In his free time, Angel is playing soccer. He is part of the Intramural soccer here at CSULB and plays with some of the people here at least once a week. If he isn’t out on the field himself, he is on a video game console playing FIFA 15 and dominating online.

I asked Angel about what he thought on what the different colors represented. We had similar and differing opinions. He thought red=passion, blue=sadness, and yellow=upbeat. I thought red=anger, blue=sadness, and yellow=happiness. I believe it’s interesting how we perceive and feel about various colors. Angel and I agree red is a bright and bursting color in the way of how it makes us feel, whether it be passion or rage. Blue represents sadness or sorrow. And yellow represents a happy, uplifting color.

It was awesome meeting Angel this week! If you want to chat with him whether it be soccer or business, he’s the guy to go to! I’ll be linking his site here.


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