Wk7 – Artist Conversation – Jane Margarette Weibel

This week, I had a very pleasant experience meeting the amazing Jane Weibel. She presented her show at the Gatov-West gallery titled ‘The Extraordinarily Difficult and Impossible Tasks of: Recounting Fading and Altered Memories and Stabilizing Shifting Time”.

As soon as the gallery opened, my attention was immediately fixed upon the various amounts of childhood memorabilia. It was filled with swing sets, little clothing, a even a 2D house! The works of art are primarily ceramics with emphasis on clay. Walking around the gallery was interesting as you felt a sense of immersion. It was as if you were actually walking through each of Jane’s different memories. The brightness of not only the room but the vivid colors Jane use help to emphasize the highlights of each individual memory.

Jane was inspired to create this art show when she found old photos of her sledding in the snow with her mother. She was intrigued when she heard that our brains can alter or rewrite how we remember our memories each time we think of them. She became anxious because she’s built her whole life around these memories and it would be extremely dreadful to find that what you are remembering isn’t what actually happened.

I absolutely loved Jane’s ideas on the fading and shifting of memories because it is something I have never extensively thought about. It’s pretty scary to think that we aren’t possibly remembering some of our memories correctly. We shape ourselves based on past experiences. Our childhood memories make us into what we are today. I, similar to Jane, hope that all my memories are really what occurred all those years ago.

It was really awesome and a pleasure meeting Jane this week! If you want to see more of her work, head over to her Instagram page here!


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