Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Rhiannon Aarons

This week at the galleries, I had delight in meeting Rhiannon Aarons! Rhiannon currently has a Masters in Arts and Printmaking! She first started off as a digital designer but soon moved into printmaking and hands on art. This is her first gallery at CSULB and she was quite excited to show off her art! The gallery is called, ‘Ex Libris’!

The series of serpents seem like they were drawn with graphite and marker. Rhiannon explains that it was actually a mix of graphite and digital edits. The lines of the art look bold and have a sense of leading geometry. Rhiannon also uses hints of shading in her art to express the anatomy of the serpents.

The series of serpents is supposed to be a representation of the mythology behind the female human anatomy. She explains that there has been misleading concepts of what the female anatomy should look like. The serpents were created from the concept of the biblical serpent from the Garden of Eden based upon the female gender rather than neutral. Ultimately, Rhiannon is trying to display the female anatomy rendered by hands in the literal sense without any subjective understanding of current lived female experience.

Rhiannon’s work caught my eye because of the many details put into her art. I wanted to know more about what the art represented. When she told me that it was based upon female anatomy in history, I was shocked but at the same time intrigued. She explained that it was based on the serpent from the Garden of Eden and I started to understand her ideas more clearly. I thought that her ideas and concepts were interesting and overall it was a pleasurable experience to learn about this part of anatomical history. If you want to know more about her, check out her website here!


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