Wk 12 – Activity – Eportfolio

Hey everyone! This week we had to add a more personal touch to our websites to allow us to add content in the future. I plan to use this website as a way to add posts about my development in hospitality management. I really love to cook and bake and I wanted to give my audience a sense of what I create. At the same time, I will keep this website in reserve to update and add my future food creations when I have the chance as I head into my major and learn more about cooking and baking.

I have updated my mark at the top left and updated my ‘About’ page and that can be found here!


Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Christopher Linquata

This week, I had the opportunity to talk to the awesome Christopher Linquata. Chris displayed his show “Sacred and Profane” along side other artist Mike Kent at the Gatov-West gallery. Chris is currently here at CSULB working on his Masters Fine Arts Degree in representative painting and drawing.

Chris’s painting were quite interesting. They seemed to have all been painted on the beach along with some of his friends. He uses a lot of light brown to represent the beach and rocks but some bright color to contrast himself and his friends from the dark background. Chris has stated that his work is oil on canvas.

Chris has mentioned that he was inspired by early Renaissance artists. He loved their style of art and developed his own connotation to his art. He defined his art as ultimately being snapshots of experiences he has had and capturing the moments onto canvas. He wants people to appreciate the beauty of art.

I appreciate Chris’s message to students and future artists. He wants students to know the gift of art and how we can use it to our advantage to present scenes in our life to other people using our perspective. I also liked the style of art that Chris has created. It reminded me of constructional street art. He clearly put a lot of work and love into his work. Overall, it was a fantastic experience meeting Chris at the galleries. If you want to see or know more about his art, check out his Instagram page here!

Wk 12 – Classmate Conversation – Perla Aguayo

This week at the galleries, I had the pleasure of meeting Perla Aguayo! Perla is Mexican and currently in her 2nd year here at CSULB. She is planning to major in Child Development. Perla mentioned that she has always loved taking care of kids and she hopes to one day make a career out of it. When Perla isn’t busy studying children, she is at the beach with her friends hanging out, having fun, and grabbing some pizza on the way back home. Perla also mentioned that she loves listening to Tori Kelly and her favorite song is Hallow.

When I asked Perla what she thought about the question of the week, she stated that burgundy is a color that calms and relaxes her. On the other hand, really bright colors like yellow excite her. Overall, it was really awesome meeting Perla this week at the galleries. If you want to learn more about child development or how to have some fun at the beach, check out her page here!

Wk 11 – Geocaching EC (Found 4)

Hey everyone! I had a blast wandering around campus with Brittany finding these geocaches! In the featured image, we found ‘CSULB-Altoids Container’ placed by classmate Genesis Jacobo! Thanks for the cache Genesis!

geocaching 2

Here we found ‘Nebraska’ placed by classmate Emily Snyder! Really neat spot I would have never guessed it was there unless I looked! Thanks for the cache Emily!

geocaching 3

Here we found ‘Fire Hydrant’ placed by classmate Jackie Bautista! It was nice spot. It couldn’t really spotted unless you came along the brick wall. Thanks for the cache Jackie!

geocaching 4

Last but not least, we found ‘Wintergreen Altoids’ placed by classmate Tony Nguyen! This one probably took the longest because we just couldn’t find it. We were there walking around the foundation building for like 15 minutes. Nevertheless, we succeeded! Thanks for the cache Tony!

Wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Kathy Yoon

This week at the galleries I had the pleasure of meeting Kathy Yoon! Kathy exhibited her work called ‘So Many Me’s‘ at the Merlino Gallery! Kathy is 27 years old and is currently majoring in ceramics here at CSULB. Before majoring, Kathy actually planned a career in mathematics. However, once she took a college class of ceramics at Cypress College, she was inspired to pursue her dream of creating art. She hopes to one day work in an animation studio after her studies!

The works of art seem to be white figures with black and red eyes. Chatting with Kathy, she stated that the medium she uses in her art mainly consists of porcelain clay, white rose clay paper, underglaze, and yarn. Kathy used white and black to create a clear contrast in the art. It allows for the figurine to have a spotlight, essentially creating a scene for each piece. Each figurine took around two to three weeks to create.

Kathy wanted to create a scene that expressed the various emotions going on in her life and to allow the audience to generate a connection to how she is feeling. The works of art all range in various emotions from happy, sad, lonely, lazy, and love. Each piece offers the viewer an emotion and essentially a reflection on ourselves. We all have these moments where we feel the exact same way these figurines are feeling. Kathy wants to share her experiences with us and hopes we can relate.

Kathy’s art exhibition was really neat. I could absolutely relate to her pieces of art and most importantly the experiences in her life. Everyday we experience these rollercoaster of emotions and its a good idea to express them in a healthy way. It was really amazing meeting Kathy Yoon and if you want to see more of her awesome work, check out her Instagram page here!

Wk 11 – Activity – Fiber Arts(Wall Hanging)

Hey everyone! I decided I wanted to make cool fiber art that had some practical use to it. My idea was to make some fancy towel racks since we had nothing to hold our towels in our restroom. I basically went to home depot and bought 2 black PVC pipes and some purple spray paint. I had plastic white chains and hooks available already at my home. So, I got to work and painted the middle section of the PVC pipes to give them a nice purple look and a shiny metal finish. While they were drying, I hammered in some hooks into the upper wall about a foot apart. Once the pipes were dried, I looped the white chains into the two pipes and hung them on the hooks!

I think this project went really well. My goal was to make art that had an everyday interactive impact on my life. So far, my family seems to think it was a neat thing to do and they like how it looks. I am also satisfied because it’s how I wanted it to turn out. This activity made me think a bit differently on what constitutes as fiber art. I asked myself if art can be practical and be used to help one in everyday activities. This was an important part in my decision to create this. Hope you all enjoyed!

Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Alexandra Mendoza!

Hey everyone! This week I had the pleasure of meeting Alexandra Mendoza! Alex is 20 years old and is currently in her third year here at CSULB. Alexandra is Mexican Hispanic and is from Michoacan, Mexico. She is planning to major in Communication Studies and minor in Recreation Studies. She hopes to one day become a well paid event manager. When Alexandra isn’t studying, she’s often in the action by exploring new places, traveling, and riding bikes. In the above picture, Alex is hiking inside Runyon Canyon Park! Pretty awesome! Her favorite types of movies are comedy and action but has a soft spot for romantic movies. Alex currently is working at one of my favorite places to go in the summer which is Knott’s Berry Farm!

I asked Alexandra on what she thought about the question of the week and she stated that tattoos are indeed art. They require an important decision as they are pretty much permanent excluding surgery. The tattoos in a way are body art since what you put on it will be like painting on canvas. The paint being the ink and the canvas being your body. Alex says it does matter in a way if you are involved in the design of your tattoo compared to just picking something out of a book. The tattoo becomes apart of you and you become the art! It was really cool meeting and chatting with Alexandra. If you want to know more about event planning or traveling, check out her page here!