Wk 9 – Activity – Transmedia Storytelling

This week’s activity was quite an adventure! My group decided we would do a story ark designed around various animals living everyday lives. Although we are animals, we act as if we are humans. We are self aware and do activities that humans would do. On the other hand, we still embody the unique characteristics of our personal animal. Our story is that we are a nice group of friends that met during an animal convention and we meet up often to hang out for fun. We decided to use Twitter and Instagram as our two forms of media.

My alternate name in the animal world is Hoth the Sloth and my four buddies are Bonnie Bunny, Dale the Snail, Larry the Llama, and Gina Guinea Pig! Hoth enjoys sleeping in his free time and eating good food. Hoth was born in Panama but immigrated here to the U.S for better opportunities. When Hoth heard about the convention, he thought it would be a good idea to make some friends since he was new. Meeting his new friends, it really allowed Hoth to come out of his shell and truely express his qualities. Now Hoth enjoys hanging out with friends, making food, and working at his job in the forest!

Overall, this activity was interesting and it was a pleasure working with my classmates. If you wish to check out some of my animal buddies that I have worked with, check them out here!

Gina Guinea Pig (Millie Herrera)

Larry the Llama (Gillian English)

Bonnie Bunny (Diana Solis)

Dale the Snail (Mark Flores)


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