Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Maccabee Shelley!

This week, I had the pleasure meeting the awesome Maccabee Shelley! His art was displayed at the Gatov-West gallery! Shelley is originally from Los Angeles but decided to move to San Francisco and pursue his degree in studio art at Humboldt State University with a minor in art history. He spent about 3 months abroad in Italy and enjoyed the scenery and learning new languages. He enjoys learning about art in general and hopes to one day start up an art center of his own!

Looking at Shelley’s art, he uses a lot of glass and ceramics. The glass seems to be heated and cooled to give shape to his art. He explained to us that he had to frequently ‘fire them up’ to allow the glass to melt and create the representation of ‘drips’ in his art. Shelley also used ‘found objects’ such as the traffic cone and briefcases seen in some of the pictures. Shelley also is environmentally friendly where he recycles objects people would throw out and makes really fantastic pieces of art out of them!

The idea behind Shelley’s work is that he wishes to create objects that we may see in our room during the night. Sometimes when we are lying in our bed at night, our eyes tend to create objects and piece together an illusion of what we may be seeing. Shelley wants to create those objects. He wants to display those things we see at night that we don’t have a perfect understanding of.

I thoroughly enjoyed Shelley’s pieces of art. I thought they were very creative and intriguing in not only his style of art but his idea of hidden objects in the dark. I had a really awesome time chatting with Maccabee Shelley and if you want to know more about him, check out his website here!


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