Wk 10 – Activity – Game Design (Geocaching)

Hey everyone!

I decided to go hunting for caches not at school but around my home city of Carson. It was such an incredible experience. It ended with me driving all over the city and my local streets with Brittany scouring for these caches. We checked around 4-5 DNFs around the city but ended up finally finding a cache titled ‘Two Towers’ because it was hidden behind a chain linked fence next to two cellphone towers. The cache was a smaller version of our Altoids tin can and only had enough room to fit a log book. I was excited finding it and I eagerly logged my name in on the log sheet.

I was inspired by all these people that took the time to plant geocaches around my city. I decided Carson needs some more caches and planted one in one of my city’s parks. I grew up playing games as a child and having fun on the playgrounds of Dolphin Park. It would only make sense that I have people check out the park I used to play games at by giving them a game to play! Inside my cache you can find small weird trinkets and hopefully someone can come hunt for them! If you are up for an adventure, come find my cache here!


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