Wk 11 – Activity – Fiber Arts(Wall Hanging)

Hey everyone! I decided I wanted to make cool fiber art that had some practical use to it. My idea was to make some fancy towel racks since we had nothing to hold our towels in our restroom. I basically went to home depot and bought 2 black PVC pipes and some purple spray paint. I had plastic white chains and hooks available already at my home. So, I got to work and painted the middle section of the PVC pipes to give them a nice purple look and a shiny metal finish. While they were drying, I hammered in some hooks into the upper wall about a foot apart. Once the pipes were dried, I looped the white chains into the two pipes and hung them on the hooks!

I think this project went really well. My goal was to make art that had an everyday interactive impact on my life. So far, my family seems to think it was a neat thing to do and they like how it looks. I am also satisfied because it’s how I wanted it to turn out. This activity made me think a bit differently on what constitutes as fiber art. I asked myself if art can be practical and be used to help one in everyday activities. This was an important part in my decision to create this. Hope you all enjoyed!


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