Wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Kathy Yoon

This week at the galleries I had the pleasure of meeting Kathy Yoon! Kathy exhibited her work called ‘So Many Me’s‘ at the Merlino Gallery! Kathy is 27 years old and is currently majoring in ceramics here at CSULB. Before majoring, Kathy actually planned a career in mathematics. However, once she took a college class of ceramics at Cypress College, she was inspired to pursue her dream of creating art. She hopes to one day work in an animation studio after her studies!

The works of art seem to be white figures with black and red eyes. Chatting with Kathy, she stated that the medium she uses in her art mainly consists of porcelain clay, white rose clay paper, underglaze, and yarn. Kathy used white and black to create a clear contrast in the art. It allows for the figurine to have a spotlight, essentially creating a scene for each piece. Each figurine took around two to three weeks to create.

Kathy wanted to create a scene that expressed the various emotions going on in her life and to allow the audience to generate a connection to how she is feeling. The works of art all range in various emotions from happy, sad, lonely, lazy, and love. Each piece offers the viewer an emotion and essentially a reflection on ourselves. We all have these moments where we feel the exact same way these figurines are feeling. Kathy wants to share her experiences with us and hopes we can relate.

Kathy’s art exhibition was really neat. I could absolutely relate to her pieces of art and most importantly the experiences in her life. Everyday we experience these rollercoaster of emotions and its a good idea to express them in a healthy way. It was really amazing meeting Kathy Yoon and if you want to see more of her awesome work, check out her Instagram page here!


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