Wk 14 – Artist Conversation – Lourdes Martinez


This week at the galleries, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the lovely Lourdes Martinez. She is a photography major here at CSULB and exhibited her show “Figment” in collaboration with other artists at the Werby-Gallery.

Lourdes particular piece of art out of the “Figment” collaboration was a photo of Earth inside a glass set. The square photo contains 4 squares with varying shades of purple and green. The photo is inside the glass set which is also a square. All of this is on top of a wooden base.

Lourdes wanted to take a photo that was shot in space and zoom in on it to the point where we can’t fully comprehend what the subject of the photo is. Lourdes explained that the photo is of Earth in 1990 from Voyager 1. Her idea was to show the Earth from a different perspective and to show us the significance of our planet but also the insignificance of us in relation to the universe.

I thought Lourdes piece of art and her ideas were pretty awesome. I always loved learning about space but at the same time it is daunting in a way to know just how little we are in scale to not only the Earth but the whole universe. I enjoyed Lourdes explanation and her style of art. I hope to see her around!


Wk 14 – Classmate Conversation – Steven Gonzales(left) and Argueta(right)!

Hey everyone! This week at the galleries I had the pleasure of meeting Steven and Steven!

Steven Argueta is Hispanic, 19 years old, and in his 2nd year here at CSULB. He is currently planning to major in the field of Mathematics. He said that he had always enjoyed math as a kid but at the same time he is not too sure if he wants a career out of it. When Steven isn’t busy hitting the books, he’s busy hitting the mat! Steven loves wrestling ever since high school. Steven also likes to walk his huskies and mixed dogs. When I asked Steven about the question of the week, he responded similarly to me. He believed that Music was a strong form of art that explains a story and an artists emotions.

Steven Gonzales is also 19 years old, Hispanic, and in his 2nd year here at CSULB. He is currently planning to major in Sociology. He explained that his high school counselor was one of his inspirations to major in this field. As his hobbies, Steven loves to play soccer and video games. He has always loved soccer since he was little. His favorite team is Barcelona and of course, his all time favorite player is none other than Lionel Messi. Steven loves to play FIFA along with  Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Star Wars: BattleFront when he isn’t playing soccer himself! When asked about the question of the week, he explained that Graphitti was a form of art that he thought was very interesting. You see it everywhere you go and it expresses stories of people’s lives.

Overall, I had a really awesome meeting these two Stevens! If you want to learn more about Mathematics and wrestling, check out Steven Argueta’s page here! And if you want to learn more about playing soccer or how to get you stats up on FIFA, feel free to check out Steven Gonzales page here!