Wk 11 – Activity – Fiber Arts(Wall Hanging)

Hey everyone! I decided I wanted to make cool fiber art that had some practical use to it. My idea was to make some fancy towel racks since we had nothing to hold our towels in our restroom. I basically went to home depot and bought 2 black PVC pipes and some purple spray paint. I had plastic white chains and hooks available already at my home. So, I got to work and painted the middle section of the PVC pipes to give them a nice purple look and a shiny metal finish. While they were drying, I hammered in some hooks into the upper wall about a foot apart. Once the pipes were dried, I looped the white chains into the two pipes and hung them on the hooks!

I think this project went really well. My goal was to make art that had an everyday interactive impact on my life. So far, my family seems to think it was a neat thing to do and they like how it looks. I am also satisfied because it’s how I wanted it to turn out. This activity made me think a bit differently on what constitutes as fiber art. I asked myself if art can be practical and be used to help one in everyday activities. This was an important part in my decision to create this. Hope you all enjoyed!


Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Alexandra Mendoza!

Hey everyone! This week I had the pleasure of meeting Alexandra Mendoza! Alex is 20 years old and is currently in her third year here at CSULB. Alexandra is Mexican Hispanic and is from Michoacan, Mexico. She is planning to major in Communication Studies and minor in Recreation Studies. She hopes to one day become a well paid event manager. When Alexandra isn’t studying, she’s often in the action by exploring new places, traveling, and riding bikes. In the above picture, Alex is hiking inside Runyon Canyon Park! Pretty awesome! Her favorite types of movies are comedy and action but has a soft spot for romantic movies. Alex currently is working at one of my favorite places to go in the summer which is Knott’s Berry Farm!

I asked Alexandra on what she thought about the question of the week and she stated that tattoos are indeed art. They require an important decision as they are pretty much permanent excluding surgery. The tattoos in a way are body art since what you put on it will be like painting on canvas. The paint being the ink and the canvas being your body. Alex says it does matter in a way if you are involved in the design of your tattoo compared to just picking something out of a book. The tattoo becomes apart of you and you become the art! It was really cool meeting and chatting with Alexandra. If you want to know more about event planning or traveling, check out her page here!

Wk 10 – Activity – Game Design (Geocaching)

Hey everyone!

I decided to go hunting for caches not at school but around my home city of Carson. It was such an incredible experience. It ended with me driving all over the city and my local streets with Brittany scouring for these caches. We checked around 4-5 DNFs around the city but ended up finally finding a cache titled ‘Two Towers’ because it was hidden behind a chain linked fence next to two cellphone towers. The cache was a smaller version of our Altoids tin can and only had enough room to fit a log book. I was excited finding it and I eagerly logged my name in on the log sheet.

I was inspired by all these people that took the time to plant geocaches around my city. I decided Carson needs some more caches and planted one in one of my city’s parks. I grew up playing games as a child and having fun on the playgrounds of Dolphin Park. It would only make sense that I have people check out the park I used to play games at by giving them a game to play! Inside my cache you can find small weird trinkets and hopefully someone can come hunt for them! If you are up for an adventure, come find my cache here!

Wk 10 – Classmate Conversation – Milton Coreas

This week at the galleries, I had the pleasure of meeting Milton Coreas! He is currently a sophomore here at CSULB and planning to major in film. He specifically hopes to be behind the camera directing his own movies. One of his biggest inspirations is Guillermo del Toro, a famous film director. In his free time, Milton loves watching and playing soccer. He has stated that his favorite team is FC Barcelona and of course, Lionel Messi is his favorite player. When he isn’t doing soccer stuff, Miltion recently picked up an acoustic guitar and began eagerly learning! It was really cool meeting Milton this week! If you want to know more about film, soccer, or guitars, you can check out his page and hit him up here!

Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Thomas Cressman

This week, I had the pleasure of meeting Thomas Creesman at the Gatov-East gallery! His art exhibition was titled ‘Living Forms’. Thomas is in his fifth year here at CSULB and is majoring in the art of metal. Thomas first started working with metal during his sophomore year in high school. During school, he was always interested in aquatics and marine life. With this, Thomas set out to combine the two things he loved and exhibit here at the galleries.

The art pieces are made using several metals including copper, aluminum, and steel. Thomas uses vivid colors which blends really well with the shine from the metal. This mixture creates a sense of of aquatic display. The pieces of art seem like they are apart of the ocean.

Thomas wants to display the concept of the what actually is the natural world in reference to marine life and aquatics. He was inspired by the different biological organisms and oceanic features of the marine world. He wanted to create art which celebrates both the new discovery and existence of marine life.

I personally thought that Thomas’s art was awesome. His use of metal to draw me in as a viewer left me wanting to see more of his art. I loved the vivid color and the shine of the art work. It’s also cool to see his passion for marine life and how its clearly present in his works of art. If you want to see more metal art and marine biology, check out his Instagram here!

Wk 9 – Classmate Conversation – Leslie Lopez!

This week, I had the pleasure of meeting fellow Art 110 classmate Leslie Lopez! Leslie is currently a sophomore here and plans to major in Criminal Justice. She has always loved CSI shows growing up and hopes to one day become an investigator herself. When Leslie isn’t busy searching for clues, she enjoys going to the beach, hanging out with friends, and going shopping! Her favorite stores are Hollister and Pac Sun.

Leslie answered this week’s question by stating that she enjoyed the ‘cultural new media’ style of art. She liked the newer representations of what art has become and the different culture that artists bring. For example, she enjoyed artist Maccabee Shelley’s style in which his manipulation of glass and ceramics bring a fresh, hip style to art!

Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Maccabee Shelley!

This week, I had the pleasure meeting the awesome Maccabee Shelley! His art was displayed at the Gatov-West gallery! Shelley is originally from Los Angeles but decided to move to San Francisco and pursue his degree in studio art at Humboldt State University with a minor in art history. He spent about 3 months abroad in Italy and enjoyed the scenery and learning new languages. He enjoys learning about art in general and hopes to one day start up an art center of his own!

Looking at Shelley’s art, he uses a lot of glass and ceramics. The glass seems to be heated and cooled to give shape to his art. He explained to us that he had to frequently ‘fire them up’ to allow the glass to melt and create the representation of ‘drips’ in his art. Shelley also used ‘found objects’ such as the traffic cone and briefcases seen in some of the pictures. Shelley also is environmentally friendly where he recycles objects people would throw out and makes really fantastic pieces of art out of them!

The idea behind Shelley’s work is that he wishes to create objects that we may see in our room during the night. Sometimes when we are lying in our bed at night, our eyes tend to create objects and piece together an illusion of what we may be seeing. Shelley wants to create those objects. He wants to display those things we see at night that we don’t have a perfect understanding of.

I thoroughly enjoyed Shelley’s pieces of art. I thought they were very creative and intriguing in not only his style of art but his idea of hidden objects in the dark. I had a really awesome time chatting with Maccabee Shelley and if you want to know more about him, check out his website here!